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Mainstays C-Shape End Coffee Table – Espresso/Black

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Introducing the Mainstays C-Table from our versatile collection, a meticulously designed piece that effortlessly combines style and functionality to meet the demands of modern living. Engineered with space-saving in mind, this C-shaped side table is a dynamic addition to any room in your home, offering a multifunctional surface that adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle.

Crafted with a durable 1″ thick top, this space-saving table is as robust as it is stylish. Its strength is complemented by its lightweight design, allowing you to effortlessly relocate it from a chair-side position to a front-facing location on your sofa, couch, or chair. The versatility of this C-shaped end table knows no bounds, offering a practical solution for various activities.

Designed to maximize convenience, the metal base of this table easily slides underneath your seat, transforming it into a space-saving side table in an instant. Whether you’re working on your laptop, enjoying a meal, jotting down notes, or simply keeping your coffee cup within arm’s reach, this C-table serves as the perfect companion.


Espresso Black, Canyon Walnut




Living Room Furniture

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Home Furniture

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Coffee Table


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Mainstays C-Shape End Coffee Table – Espresso/Black
Original price was: $90.54.Current price is: $56.59.Select options
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