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Q-tips Cotton Swabs 750 ea

(6 customer reviews)

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Introducing the Q-tips Cotton Swabs, a quintessential household essential designed to elevate your daily routines. This generous pack of 750 cotton swabs offers versatility, reliability, and the trusted quality associated with the Q-tips brand. Crafted with precision, each cotton swab features a soft and 100% cotton tip, providing a gentle touch that’s perfect for various applications.

Whether you’re performing personal hygiene tasks, applying makeup with precision, or handling intricate cleaning tasks, these cotton swabs are designed to cater to your diverse needs. The pointed tips of the swabs make them ideal for precise detailing, ensuring that you can achieve accuracy in makeup touch-ups, nail polish application, and other delicate tasks where precision matters.

The sturdy construction of these swabs, featuring a wooden stick, adds durability to their design, ensuring they hold up well during use. With a generous quantity of 750 swabs per pack, you can rest assured that you have an ample supply to last for an extended period. This not only makes Q-tips Cotton Swabs a cost-effective choice but also a convenient addition to your personal care or household supplies.

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Cotton Swab

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6 reviews for Q-tips Cotton Swabs 750 ea

  1. Stephen Grant

    Strong, sturdy, and soft. My go to q-tips. Easy to break in half if need be

  2. Robert R.Robert R.

    This box of Q-tips is huge! It saved me a trip to my local store. I’m a happy customer! Great deal!

  3. JKR

    soft tip and high quality.

  4. Terry L Mckenty

    its what i needed to help me do what i have to do

  5. Jenny

    This is the cotton swab standard. They’re gentle and don’t fall apart like some of the bargain brands. Spend a little extra for these; they’re worth it.

  6. Providential

    What is there to say? This is the standard by which all cotton swabs are judged. Perfect for applying makeup, first aid, or (carefully!) cleaning ears. They have a million uses. Get some today.

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Q-tips Cotton Swabs 750 ea
Original price was: $28.99.Current price is: $19.99.
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