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Rechargeable Electric Nail Trimmer


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The Electric Nail Trimmer for Babies and Adults is a versatile and efficient tool that makes nail care a breeze. Whether you’re looking to trim your own nails or those of your little ones, this electric trimmer is a safe and effective solution. With precise 3D hole placement and an arc that fits the shape of the nail, the cutter is hidden behind a groove that protects your fingers. The trimmer is suitable for elderly people with low vision, as well as babies, children, adults, and even pets.

This nail trimmer is quick and automatic, with 360-degree rotation for efficient trimming and polishing. It only takes 10 seconds per finger, making it a time-saving solution for busy individuals. The trimmer is also easy to use, with push-button operation and a small, portable design that you can take with you wherever you go.

The Electric Nail Trimmer is USB rechargeable, with a full charge taking just 30 minutes for up to 60 continuous uses. It also features an anti-splatter design, with a built-in nail collector for easy and mess-free disposal. Overall, this trimmer is a convenient and reliable solution for anyone looking to maintain proper nail care and hygiene.

Charging Voltage



500mA 3.7v


ABS plated metal


Red, Pink, White, Black, Green

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Rechargeable Electric Nail Trimmer
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