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Smart Touch Waste Bin

(5 customer reviews)

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Featuring high sensitivity, this induction trash can can quickly open the lid for your convenience when you knock it or move your hand. This induction trash can has a large capacity and good sealing, which can effectively save space and control the transmission of odors.

It is constructed of plastic material, making it easy to clean. The dimensions of this product are 27.4cm in length, 20cm in width, and 19cm in height. It operates quietly when opening or closing, ensuring it does not disturb you. This induction trash can is suitable for various spaces such as the bathroom, living room, kitchen, and more. It features a trash bag fixing design, providing added convenience during use.






2 x AA Batteries(Not Included)



Style: A

Battery Type

Style: B

Induction+One-key Open

Style C

Induction+One-key Open+Kick(Optional)

5 reviews for Smart Touch Waste Bin

  1. Efan Wharton

    I bought it cheap at the sale.

  2. Speranzio Bartolone

    Wow little trash can that works very well thank you

  3. Xose Mendez

    Good ~ ~

  4. Korey Wu

    I received one of the all-right bin I loved

  5. Marchelle Dowden


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Smart Touch Waste Bin
Original price was: $31.80.Current price is: $20.99.
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